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    Radio Frequencies 24MHz
    by eejoe ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡พ ( Recruit)

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    26.965 Not in England
    26.975 All Models
    26.985 Not in England
    26.995 All Models
    27.005 Not in England
    27.015 Not in England
    27.025 All Models
    27.035 Not in England
    27.045 All Models
    27.055 Not in England
    27.065 Not in England
    27.075 All Models
    27.085 Not in England
    27.095 All Models
    27.105 Not in England
    27.115 Not in England
    27.125 All Models
    27.135 Not in England
    27.145 All Models
    27.175 All Models
    27.195 All Models
    27.225 All Models
    27.235 Not in England
    27.255 All Models
    27.275 All Models

    A Band

    34.950 Flying Models Only
    34.960 Flying Models Only
    34.970 Flying Models Only
    34.980 Flying Models Only
    34.990 Flying Models Only
    35.000 Flying Models Only
    35.010 Flying Models Only
    35.020 Flying Models Only
    35.030 Flying Models Only
    35.040 Flying Models Only
    35.050 Flying Models Only
    35.060 Flying Models Only
    35.070 Flying Models Only
    35.080 Flying Models Only
    35.090 Flying Models Only
    35.100 Flying Models Only
    35.110 Flying Models Only
    35.120 Flying Models Only
    35.130 Flying Models Only
    35.140 Flying Models Only
    35.150 Flying Models Only
    35.160 Flying Models Only
    35.170 Flying Models Only
    35.180 Flying Models Only
    35.190 Flying Models Only
    35.200 Flying Models Only
    35.210 Flying Models Only
    35.220 Flying Models Only
    35.230 Flying Models Only
    35.240 Flying Models Only
    35.250 Flying Models Only
    35.260 Flying Models Only
    35.270 Flying Models Only
    35.280 Flying Models Only
    35.290 Flying Models Only
    35.300 Flying Models Only
    35.310 Not in England
    35.320 Not in England
    35.330 Not in England

    B Band

    35.820 Not in England
    35.830 Not in England
    35.840 Not in England
    35.850 Not in England
    35.860 Not in England
    35.870 Not in England
    35.880 Not in England
    35.890 Not in England
    35.900 Not in England
    35.910 Not in England


    40.575 Not in England
    40.585 Not in England
    40.595 Not in England
    40.605 Not in England
    40.615 Not in England
    40.625 Not in England
    40.635 Not in England
    40.645 Not in England
    40.655 Not in England
    40.665 Boats And Cars Only
    40.675 Boats And Cars Only
    40.685 Boats And Cars Only
    40.695 Boats And Cars Only
    40.705 Boats And Cars Only
    40.715 Boats And Cars Only
    40.725 Boats And Cars Only
    40.735 Boats And Cars Only
    40.745 Boats And Cars Only
    40.755 Boats And Cars Only
    40.765 Boats And Cars Only
    40.775 Boats And Cars Only
    40.785 Boats And Cars Only
    40.795 Boats And Cars Only
    40.805 Boats And Cars Only
    40.815 Boats And Cars Only
    40.825 Boats And Cars Only
    40.835 Boats And Cars Only
    40.845 Boats And Cars Only
    40.855 Boats And Cars Only
    40.865 Boats And Cars Only
    40.875 Boats And Cars Only
    40.885 Boats And Cars Only
    40.895 Boats And Cars Only
    40.905 Boats And Cars Only
    40.915 Boats And Cars Only
    40.925 Boats And Cars Only
    40.935 Boats And Cars Only
    40.945 Boats And Cars Only
    40.955 Boats And Cars Only
    40.965 Boats And Cars Only
    40.975 Boats And Cars Only
    40.985 Boats And Cars Only

    Other Freq

    26MHz Not in England
    41MHz Not in England
    72MHz Not in England


    Not in England - This frequency is not allowed to be used in England.
    All Models - This frequency can be used for model planes, cars or boats.

    Information provided is user generated.
    This website accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies.
    If you believe you have sufficient knowledge to improve the quality of this article, please click the "Make Revision" button at the top of the page.

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