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    Revering a servo’s travel with soldering
    by Skydive130 πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ ( Rear Admiral)

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    I was asked the other day if I would do a β€œhow too” on how to reverse the travel of a servo. This probably doesn’t have a lot of need in model boats, as it’s not often more than 1 servo (generally the rudder) are employed. However, I am currently building a Shannon class lifeboat with 6 servos and 2 of them required to travel in the same direction for operating the reverse thruster buckets and twin trim tabs.

    1. Take the base of the servo off by removing the 4 screws.
    2. The 2 wires (orange) on the base of the servo motor need to be de-soldered and re-soldered on the opposite side. I marked one wire with a black marker for ease of identity.
    3.carefully remove the hot glue off the 3 wires soldered to the potentiometer. There are 3 wires, red orange and white on this corona servo, simply de-solder and reverse the red and white wires, the orange centre wire is left alone.
    4. Carefully put a small blob of hot glue or epoxy over the wires to prevent a short circuit happening.
    5. Reassemble servo and voila, should now be operating in reverse! Saves buying a servo reverser! Any questions, please ask πŸ‘

    I just reversed the two outer wires on the pot inside the transmitter it was far easier !!!

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