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    Baby Bootlegger
    by peterd πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί ( Chief Petty Officer 1st Class)

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    πŸ“ Baby Bootlegger
    11 days ago by peterd ( Chief Petty Officer 1st Class)
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    Three months ago i commenced building a Crandall Flyer. All going well till i discovered the instructions and the plans and the end result did not agree. Shelved for the moment and have taken on the Baby Bootlegger. Much better.

    A scratch build from free plans, a few issues but nothing serious. It will still look similar. I have included a few photos to show where it is going. Hull is planked (1/2 in. wide balsa and next i have to plank again before cutting away the deck to allow access to motor, seating and the rear of the boat.

    The original boat was planked in mahogany and the plans indicate 1/16 mahogany strips as a preference. Not available so I will be using lengths of veneer to give the impression and then coating that with resin. In the meantime, sanding, filling, sanding again. I will keep the images coming. (Who knows, we might even get the dining table back one day.)
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    πŸ’¬ Re: Baby Bootlegger
    11 days ago by peterd ( Chief Petty Officer 1st Class)
    According to the plans you are quite correct. The issue I had was the frames are only balsa and the plans called for the larger cutouts to be put in after the planking was done to the bottom and sides. If i had done it using ply i would certainly have done it prior.

    I am still considering doing a couple once i have the top opened up but the way the batteries are planned they will be located just in front of the step. 2 x six cell packs. (I may even change that to lipo. The jury has still to come home on that one.)
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    πŸ’¬ Re: Baby Bootlegger
    11 days ago by Martin555 ( Fleet Admiral)
    Grate start Peter.
    I am a little surprised to see you only cut holes in the frames instead of opening them up more so that you can move batteries, receivers etc around to help with the blasting.

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