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2nd Jun 2013
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31st Aug 2016

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Registered 2nd Jun 2013
Last Online 31st Aug 2016
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United Kingdom
Recent Posts
HMS Gambia by DaveJay Petty Officer   Posted: 6 years ago
No probs. Not sure when my dad was on the Nigeria and Bermuda, I know he joined In 46 at aged 16, first commission was on HMS Vanguard ('46-'48), I think then It was as follows Nigeria ('48-'50), Battleaxe ('50-'52), Bermuda ('52-'54), Opossum ('54-'56) then finally finishing where he started on the Vanguard ('56- late '57). I think that the reason why Gambia beat Bermuda was because they had to paint the side of the Bermuda during a passage through the Suez for an Inspection by the King of Egypt (who at the time would only see one side, so thats the side they painted!)......I believe that the crew of Gambia had more time to paint the both sides and probably more paint!!.......hence Bermuda was clean one side and sea beaten the other, I think leave was cancelled when they arrived at Valetta until the other side had been painted! Dad Is full of stories of his time with the mob, I'm seeing him again In July, will get more details from him then and update If necessary. All the best and happy sailing, Dave

Guestbook Post by DaveJay Petty Officer   Posted: 6 years ago
HI peeps, Found this site via an ad In the july Issue of model boats mag, glad I looked It up, Its a good and fresh site with a wide spectrum of Interests and abilities on show. I'm at present learning to sail my 'Phantom' yacht and between sailing sessions and when time allows I am working on a coaster In 1/48th scale based upon the models by design (ex metcalf) Pateke, I say based upon as I am converting her to Incorporate aspects of coaster designs of the 50's and 60's, so therefore she Is a freelance model, I'm trying to Incorporate as much detail as possible, building the superstructure at present with full wheelhouse detail all scratchbuilt. I'm quite new at model shipbuilding but not new to model building, been plastic kit-bashing for 20 years ...........have Interest In building fleetscales HMS Starling but as the Opossum as this was my dad's ship In 1954-56......if anyone has more details on this ship I would love to see more close up pics If poss!!!......all the best fellow shipmates!

HMS Gambia by DaveJay Petty Officer   Posted: 6 years ago
Very nice model, my dad served on the nigeria and bermuda, would love to build a crown colony cruiser, they were good looking ships.........a very nice job you have done, I'm envious!!!

My 'Phantom' chinese yacht! by DaveJay Petty Officer   Posted: 6 years ago
Just thought I would put some pics of my Phantom yacht on here, I had to redesign the notoriously leaky hatch (a problem that needs resolving by the manufacturers!).....hopefully the redesign will help other owners of this type of yacht, as basically the yacht Is fairly ok for just mulling around on the lake, I don't think Its quite good enough to race except against other phantom type yachts!......whilst doing the redesign I thought I would give her a repaint also, In my opinion she looks better than the carbon fibre effect. I also re-rigged her with fishing dacron cord (doesn't stretch). She sails well now and Is totally waterproof!!.......hope you enjoy the pics and If you do own a leaky phantom just let me know If you want any advice on curing this problem! Regards, Dave

Model Boat Club - how do you set one up????? by DaveJay Petty Officer   Posted: 6 years ago
Thanks Dave for your reply, I agree totally with your advice especially about setting out rules so as to not lose the use of this beautiful lake, I know that litter etc was a problem In the past, the fishermen are a tidy bunch there but the model boaters let the side down, they now use a lake which Is away from the public gaze which a great shame as the lake that I have taken my yacht to and away from the fishermen has gained quite a lot of admiring looks and questions from the general public and I am always happy to help promote our wonderful hobby, I have aspirations to hold open days etc at the lake In order to raise money for local charities, even a help for heroes sailathon etc would be good....thats for the future though, not running before walking I suppose. As time goes on I will no doubt take up your offer of further advice. All the best Dave from Dave!

Model Boat Club - how do you set one up????? by DaveJay Petty Officer   Posted: 6 years ago
HI there peeps, Just wandering whether anybody has any Input on starting a model boat club, I live In Swindon Wilts and at present there Is no known club In this area which Is quite surprising as we have a great lake namely coate water, I know that In the past model boaters used this lake but because of general lack of respect for the fishermen that also use the lake the rangers asked the model boaters to leave, I'm hoping to contact the rangers with a view to securing the use of the lake again for organised model boat sailing sessions within a designated area of the Is It worth setting up a formal club that requires membership to sail at the lake or to form a Informal club??.........what are the pro's and con's etc.......any Input would be appreciated. P.S I have a 'Chinese' Phantom yacht which I have modified by re-rigging her, sorting out that leaky hatch cover (a nightmare to resolve - but done) and a sporty respray In a patriotic Union Flag style......will post pics at some point In the future. Also on the workbench Is a 1/48 dutch coaster based upon the models by design 'Pateke' hull......slow progress but getting there!!!....yacht has taken some of my time up!!!........if I set up a club It would be electric power and sail only, no steam or I/c! Also, just out of Interest, I was down In Burnham on sea last weekend and visited Apex lake which apparently the Sedgemoor mbc use, the lake Is Impressive but about 1/4 the size of my local lake, a small lake has a large club but here In swindon a large lake has no club, Its about time this Is rectified!!!