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23rd May 2010
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5th Jul 2017

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United States
Recent Posts
Scale Sailing Association by sunworksco Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 1 year ago
Hello! What a beautiful sail boat! I see many hours in your endeavor. I'm planning to build a 1/16th scale circa 1933 America's Cup Whirlwind sailboat, using a fiberglass molded hull. I'm trying to find some old wooden window blinds, to saw cut into narrow strips for the decks. I'm going to build the cabins out of brass sheet. Have you ever used wooden window blinds for boat builds? Thank you?

Sea Breacher by sunworksco Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 5 years ago
Very nice sub! I have a circa 1898 USS Holland submarine In 1/12th scale made by 32nd Parallel. 54" length

Hitec Live View Full Telemetry Package by sunworksco Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 8 years ago
I just got off the Hitec Tech Support line and chatted with someone In the know. This how the HTS-NavI Telemetry System components operate and assemble : The Hitec HTS-SS Blue Basic 50A Pack Is Installed Inside your RC vehicle with all of the sensors connected to the HTS-SS Sensor Station module, the module Is connected to your 2.4GHz RX for power voltage. The 2.4GHz HTS-SS Sensor Station sends wire-less live-view data logging to the Hitec HTS-NavI USB memory card dongle that Is plugged Into any PC running Windows software. You will not need a Hitec Transmitter since the telemetry system sends the data directly to the dongle. End of story other than Tower Hobbies Is stating on their website that the products will not start trickling onto stocking shelves until late November, but the Hitec Technician Is telling me the components will not be stocking until January. Regards, John

HTS-NavI Telemetry System by sunworksco Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 8 years ago
You could use an extra 2.4GHz receiver to plug the sensor station Into, but you are most likely using one for your marine use already. I have thought about using a Phidget 1070 micro PC board with an WiFI dongle In the boat for receiving the live view telemetry to the hand-held micro PC screen but this entails a tremendous amount of expensive components. Roughly around $600.00USD and the HiTec Is only around $200.00USD. In any event the great thing about the HTS-NavI telemetry Is that a PC with GSM mobile service or a local WiFI connection can feed live-stream video to your website for the world to view live data and live video. You could use the Phidgets 1070 micro PC board to send the sensor data, video and GPS maps directly with GSM to your I-Phone. Regards, John

Hitec Live View Full Telemetry Package by sunworksco Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 8 years ago
HiTec RC has just announced that their new HTS-NavI telemetry system USB dongle will replace the HPP-22 Interface device. The HTS-NavI will plug directly Into a PC for a live-view data-logger display. The HTS-NavI has a memory card for Initially programming the PC with the telemetry software program. I'm buyiing a micro PC to use the HTS-NavI USB dongle. Regards, John

Hitec Live View Full Telemetry Package by sunworksco Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 8 years ago
Here Is a very good live view data-logger.You can live stream data to your radio,pc or Windows 7 cell phone. Too cool ! I'm using that Windows 7 cell phone for my live view monitor.It can even display a GPS satelite map view of the rc models movement. I'm going to recase my Robbe F-14 Navy radio with carbon fiber laminate board and Install the cell phone Into the case.I'm also using a magnetic on/off swith and a rear panel access door secured with super magnets.The radio RF modules will be toggle swicthable from RF synthesized 75 MHz TX/RX and 2.4GHzTX/RX.The Telemetry system uses the 2.4GHZ TX/RX for data communication.I will be able to use the RF 75MHz TX/RX for rc submarines and the 2.4GHz TX/RX for sailboats and aircraft. Regards, John

New Web by sunworksco Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 8 years ago
Thanks for the connection! Regards, John

1/12th Scale Figures by sunworksco Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 8 years ago
I am building a 1/12th scale USS Holland submarine and need a crew of sailors,the captain and the designer/builder, John Holland. I saw a company on the tellie that can take a head-shot photo and create a 3D CG and then use a 3D printer to create an ABS plastic 3D head for any scale size. Regards, John

Brush-Less Motor ESC/Data-logger by sunworksco Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 8 years ago
What are your specifications for the boat, prop,battery capacity, motor KV. I think that those BL motors will be fine on direct drive If the KV Is around 200. I find It laborious to find brush-less motors that have kvm ranges as low as I need In the can sizes I need, so experimenting with programmable ESCs and data-loggers are necessary. For example, on one ESC, It can have the throttle range be 10% or 20% of true throttle range, so a 2800 kvm motor magically becomes a 560 kvm motor... another esc ( Castle/Phoenix ICE ) allows the user to program an exponential throttle curve, so at 90% throttle on the radio, the motor Is at 30% of maximum throttle. then I set the transmitter so that at 100% of throttle stick, I am only sending 85% of the total value, so I end up with a motor that tops out at 25-28% of Its max rpm. This Is what Is so liberating about programmable ESCs with data-loggers.It Is also very reassuring to use the programmable low battery fail-safe for Lipo and LiFe battery packs.It Is getting much simpler now that many BL motors are being experimented with. Regards, John

Brush-Less Motors/Correct RPM/KV by sunworksco Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 8 years ago
Found some great BL motors with very low KV to use on direct drive system giving scale boat speeds. Regards, John

Brush-Less Motor ESC/Data-logger by sunworksco Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 8 years ago
I have been doing research on Brush-Less ESC/data-loggers and found some Interesting products. One product Is the Robbe Roxxy Marine 940-6 ESC/data-logger. This model has a very good reputation and Is pc programmable. Then there Is the programmable BL ESC/wire-less Wi-FI data-logger that sends a live view to a Motorola Android or Windows 7 pc.It should work with the new Windows 7 cell phones that were just offered this week.They say that they will be making a marine version ( reverse programming ) soon. One of the most sophisticated telemetry systems as long as we are headed this way Is the system.It uses data-logger system with a 2.4Ghz RX/TX radio communication.They offer a long list of component sensors and live view data-logger screens.They offer USB programming and even offer a GPS, temperature , RPM , battery everything , barometric , G-force and speed sensor. A good source of programmable ESC/Data-logger speed controls are Castle/Phoenix.They do offer a programmable reverse/forward option. Hope this helps anyone Interested In the latest gizmo. Regards, John

Brushless Motors by sunworksco Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 8 years ago
The whole point of using Hall Effect sensor Is to control low-speed scale speeds.This Is why they are used for rock crawlers.They operate from zero speed on without stumbling or cogging.ALSO brushless Inrunner motors stay cool while running because the windings are next to the motor housing.I'm using a 6.6 volt LiFePo battery pack and get hours of usage.To generalise brushless motors In one group Is like saying that all motor designs are the same.A low kv outrunner motor will work perfectly with a correct non Halls Effect ecs ( Castle Creations) , providing the kv and torque rating matches the prop size.This Is the most Important match that Is seldom considered when using brushless motors.I like Inrunners for their durability,cool running,powerful torque,direct drive capability and energy efficiency. Some of the newer generation brushless motors/esc combos have pc connectivity for precisicely programming the low/high speed adjustments,instant braking and reverse adjustments. I'm using an 8.5KW brushless motor used In full-scale boat propulsion drives.It uses a Halls Effect sensor esc and It has excellent low speed control.I use this motor on my custom built drill press that requires precise control for a combination drill/tap bit. There are many rc boat builders using brushless motors for low-speed scale use all over the world and will eventually become the norm,especially when the prices are dropping substantually as we speak.I have no Investment In these BL motors other than my own use. Regards, John Regards, John

Donations - Why so little?? by sunworksco Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 8 years ago
I have an Idea of creating a raffle contest , $25.00USD tickets,for a foreign exchange holiday.Part of this paid by new/old members could go towards annual membership fees.The winning contestant In Europe would have a fully paid expense trip to a regatta at San Francisco,California Golden Gate Park Spreckle's Lake Yacht Club. The raffle tickets could be advertised on different forums and at various regattas. The winning contestant In the Americas (Alaska north to Tierra del Fuego south) would have an all-expense paid holiday In the UK or European continent and attend a regatta. This annual raffle contest would be an enormous fiscal generator and attract many hobby suppliers for advertising banners on the forum website.It would also attract worldwide news media attention and create free publicity for the forum. I would be happy to help you get In touch with the American forums and yacht clubs to advertise the raffle contest. Possibly Include the Aussies! Kind Regards, John Hurt 🚤

All Metal Brass/SS USS Holland Submarine by sunworksco Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 8 years ago
I'm building a 1/12th scale USS Holland submarine In 304 stainless steel and 342 brass.The symmetrical hull will be lathe spun In 304 stainless steel and the superstructure will be made from flat sheets of stainless steel.The conning tower,hatch and fittings will be made out of 342 brass.I am building brush-less motorized piston ballast tanks with stainless steel cylinders. Regards, John

water tight boxes by sunworksco Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 8 years ago
I am building a model of an RAF Crash Tender. I want to Install the servo, receiver and speed controller and wish to put each In a sealed waterproof box. I would be grateful If anyone knows of a supplier of such boxes. I have trawled the net without success! David You can use an Otter Box that Is used for scuba diving,around $25.00. The PLB scuba container Is good,too,around $40.00USD. Regards, John

What motor & battery? by sunworksco Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 8 years ago
I have just completed a 36 Inch model RAF High Speed Crash Rescue tender. Can you please give me an Indication of what size electric motor , battery and prop. I would require In order to drive It at a reasonable speed with say a half hour duration. Thanks for your help David You can go to for belt drive brushed motor systems or for brushless motors. Regards, John

by sunworksco Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 8 years ago
I'm building everything from the Inside of the hull upward out of #260 brass and 304 stainless steel.I just bought a MiniFlam torch for hard silver soldering the sheets. Regards, John

by sunworksco Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 8 years ago
I already have the Hartman drawings. Regards, John

by sunworksco Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 8 years ago
I found a hull at Hartman Model Boats,DOUGLAS GREG TUGBOAT HULL for $245.00.The mould Is good. Great tugboat!I have a Brush-less Novak 1600kv motor and sensored ESC.I'm going to run the motor direct , no gears. Regards, John [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]

Brushless Motors by sunworksco Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 9 years ago
Hello, I am just a newbie here but have been Into rc for lifetime. I am building a 1/12th scale all-metal #260 brass USS Holland submarine with an In-runner brush-less motor used for rock-crawler vehicles.These BL motors are very slow running and controllable with Hall sensors and proper esc.They run very silent,cool and efficient.Depending on the size of your model you may or may not need a prop drive reduction system.I'm running mine direct.The motor has a number of windings that make 1600kv (RPMs per volt).This Is much lower than outrunner motors.The motor can be very low slow scale running because of the Hall sensors signalling back to the esc where the motor rotor Is positioned.I am using 2-A123 battery cells with a total of 6.6volts.This pack will run everything and If you want more volts In the main battery pack , the esc has a bec built In but I doubt that It Is needed.I'm using a Novak Ballistic motor and a Crawler esc.Some of the latest and greatest A123 chemistry batteries are made by Hyperion G3 Life packs and Life Source batteries. Regards, John

by sunworksco Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 9 years ago
Hello, Very nice tugboat build!Love this boat design! I am building this Hartman hull In #260 shell casing brass. Do you know of any unbuilt or semi-built kits for sale? Regards, John.... West Sacramento,Ca.