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28th Jun 2013
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9th Aug 2018

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United Kingdom
Recent Posts
Bustler class tug by bugler Petty Officer   Posted: 6 months ago
I jave the general arrangement plan of the Bustler class tug, but I do not have the lines plan. I am aware that these can be purchaed togther for about £14. I am not aware of how good they are, the GA that I have is original supplied from the builders archive many years ago. I have dealt with the Universit of Glasgow previously for plans, they hold the vast majority from the Scottish Shipyards and the North East, but I found they are quite expensive even for digital copies. If you search the Model Boats plans and then tugs, they are listed there. Otherwise try the Uni of Glasgow, they are extremely helpful but expensive. I would copy my GA plan for you if I had the facilities, my nearest big copier machine is a couple of hours away. Best wishes

Ayton cross or as close as.. by bugler Petty Officer   Posted: 2 years ago
If you research who the original builders were, then the plans would be most likely be available from the archives of the builders. In most cases where vessels were built in Scotland for instance, the plans, if available would be held either by the Glasgow University Archives or the Scottish Archives. Although there are costs involved in obtaining copies of the originals, it is well worth it in the long run so that the details is correct. The model looks great.

Plans by bugler Petty Officer   Posted: 4 years ago
I have a number of ships, tugs and motor launch plans for sale. These are all original and In good condition. They have been obtained either from the builder or from the owners. If there Is anybody Interested, then please make contact me

Hooby supplies by bugler Petty Officer   Posted: 4 years ago
I have been reliably Informed that the model shop In Teynham, Kent Is very good for all bits required, I have friends who wil not use anybody else for the parts that they require, they are also very reasonably priced, which Is good for us hobbyists. I also understand that they do mail order, another plusd for them, and they know what they are talking about. Best wishes to all Bugler

Plans, photos, etc by bugler Petty Officer   Posted: 6 years ago
HI Martin, Why do you not purchase a pantogragh? With a pantograph you can enlarge, reduce or just copy the details on the plan that you already have. I purchased one quite recently from ebay and It cost me just over a fiver, good Investment. Bugler

Plans, photos, etc by bugler Petty Officer   Posted: 6 years ago
HI CPO, The plans that I have are original builders plans of which the owners have kindly given to me. I have plans of the Medway Surveyer (Line and GA), Kestral tug (lines and GA) - of which I am just starting to make from scratch, Cory's Brigadier (GA & Lines), Ben Lines Ben Loyal (GA & Lines) I also have a General Arrangement plan of the HM Bustler class Rescue Tug, no lines planes plus many more. All the plans that I have are now extremely hard to get hold of the originals like I have managed over the years, the vast majority of ships plans are now digitised rather than drawn like they used to be. Bugler

Plans, photos, etc by bugler Petty Officer   Posted: 6 years ago
HI Martin, Sorry, I know nothing of the Kielcraft kits, but I would say that It Is a copy of the original boat, and given the age, I am certain that If you could have the plans enlarged so that they are readable, this may give you a clue as to exactly what the boat was. On top of that, If you can ascertain the original type of boat, then the Maritime Museum would be your best bet for Lines, General Arrangement and what the deck fittings are (size) and where they go. Happy hunting Bugler

Plans, photos, etc by bugler Petty Officer   Posted: 6 years ago
I have various original builders plans for all kinds, tugs, pilot launch, cargo ships, If anyone would like to borrow them and they live In Kent, then post on the website your details and we can then get In touch with each other.

Thames steam launch. by bugler Petty Officer   Posted: 6 years ago
If you know the original buildeers, It may be possible that they have plans for the launch, alternatively, If It was operated by the PLA, then you may be lucky there, otherwise, the only suggestion that I can make Is the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich, they would definitely have the originaal plans. How costly they will be, I do not know, but certinly try the PLA as a first port of call, If no luck have a look for the original builders. Happy Hunting