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    Recent Posts
    ๐Ÿ“ Any idea what it is?
    6 months ago by tomsimmons ( Recruit)
    Well after looking at lots of plans, lots of images I'm none the wiser what the boat could be.

    Every boat I can find of this length is wider in the beam by at least an inch.

    None have the solid bow blocks

    None have the engine/motor mounts as far forward

    In fact, nothing even seems to follow the same construction process, this seems quite heavily engineered.

    My guess is that it is over 30 years, which I'm guessing would make it lead acid or glow plug, which makes me suspect the big space at the rear was for one or the other of them, making the blocks at the front counter weight to this, and possibly why the engine mount is so far forward.

    The super structure looks a little similar to a Wavemaster 34, if you close one eye and squint. So at the moment I guess its either put that aside and come up with something RAF tender like, or keep it and come up with a variation on the wavemaster.

    I have no idea what size prop or motor to go with, or how this handles or for that matter sits in the water. So when I finally get hold of it, I can only really think to make the hull water tight and float it. Then try the little prop it has with an as yet unknown motor and see what happens.

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    ๐Ÿ“ Any idea what it is?
    6 months ago by tomsimmons ( Recruit)

    Thanks for your reply, I have sent you a message.

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    ๐Ÿ“ Any idea what it is?
    6 months ago by tomsimmons ( Recruit)
    Dimensions are:
    - Length 34"
    - Beam 7.5"
    - Transom width 6.5"
    - Transom height 3"
    - Height from keel to gunwhale 4.75"
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    ๐Ÿ“ Any idea what it is?
    6 months ago by tomsimmons ( Recruit)

    The hull looks to be good, the superstructure, which I am assuming is from the model, is well made, but of poorer wood that the hull.

    Looking around, the hull looks a little similar to the Aerokit Sea Queen, Commander, or even the RAF Rescue boat that is on this forum, though the last two would appear to be a little less flat along the bottom of the transom.

    The power source mount points seem further forward than most hulls I have looked at. And I'm assuming by the 2 lumps of wood in the bow, that the intention was battery power that would be housed between the transom and the next bulkhead.

    I don't really know how old it is, certainly more than 25 years, so quite possibly 30+ years. My guess so far, if I assume the superstructure is part of it, is that it is probably an ocean cabin cruiser.

    I'll as the Parents to get a front and rear photo, and to get the length, beam and depth measurements. The superstructure is 12" x 4" apparently.

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    ๐Ÿ“ Any idea what it is?
    6 months ago by tomsimmons ( Recruit)
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    Many years ago my Father was given this part built model boat. The plan had always been for me to complete it, but to be honest where we lived at the time there was no where to sail it and I didn't drive - then I left home. Now the parents are moving, the boat has come to light again and I'd like to finish it.

    The problem is, there are no plans, pictures or anything for the boat.

    I have added pictures, I'm hoping someone has some idea of what it might have been intended to be, what kind of motor to fit it with, size of prop - the one on there didn't come with it, was given to me, but seems too small.

    The only piece of superstructure that exist seems to possibly be a forward part of the cabin, and if I recall matches the notches I've marked in red.

    Any idea what the little squares with notches are?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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