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27th Mar 2014
Last Online
20th Aug 2018

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Member No. 2836
Registered 27th Mar 2014
Last Online 20th Aug 2018
City Banff
Country United Kingdom
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United Kingdom
Recent Posts
Tarlair Gala 2018 by aanside Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 5 months ago
We had an absolutely fabulous day at the boating pool at Tarlair Lido in Macduff (Sunday 19 August) for the Annual Gala day, quite a few boats being sailed and all sorts of other events. Everybody is welcome at our pool (all modes of propulsion allowed); normally around every Sunday at 1330 except when the weather is awful - if heading North, bring a boat. Nobody bites😉

It's a sad day!. by aanside Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 8 months ago
Right on the North East Coast on South side of Moray Firth. Aberdeen is about 40 miles South (and has a renovated pool in Duthie Park), Fraserburgh is East and Inverness West. I don't know of any "club" further North than us - the quotes are intentional, not really a club just a collection of like minded individuals.

It's a sad day!. by aanside Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 8 months ago
Come visit us at Tarlair - you can run IC or anything else on our pond. Beautiful location too - just stay away in winter or when it is windy

Our boating water by aanside Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 8 months ago
The pool is certainly not sheltered (have a look at the chop in one of my photos). Completely open to the Moray Firth but sheltered to the South by the cliffs - unfortunately the prevailing wind is from the open water. I have had that tug of mine on its beam ends in the wind and it is ballasted to within an inch of the wash ports. We haven't had anybody sailing here in recent memory but I do have a ketch under construction so may be able to report sometime in the next year or two😜

Our boating water by aanside Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 8 months ago
Following up on previous questions: There are no restrictions on using IC or steam just don't collide with any of the regulars! The big problem here is the wind, last Sunday was glorious but the water was very choppy and even the big tugs shipped some water (try getting a boat back against the wind when the rudder has failed). Couple of photos to show the conditions. We have alternative boating available in Turriff (but the pond gets filled with weed in summer and ice in winter) and at Portsoy (Loch Soy). One of our stalwarts took his fishing vessel to Banff Harbour last Saturday to play with the rowing skiffs - mad, yes he is!

Our boating water by aanside Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 9 months ago
The boating pool is probably around 3 feet deep - will find out soon as it is to be emptied and cleaned in the next couple of weeks. The main pool was full swimming pool depth but the elves at Elf 'n Safe"T" decided to dump gravel in it "to protect it". Still deep enough to swim (and drown) in. Looks possible that we might take a bit more control over the area which would be good news. If you look carefully you will see a wall a few inches below the surface surrounding the rocks - this is normally above water and protects a paddling area - photographing boats against the rocks is very impressive from water level and we thought the rocks might be improved with a lighthouse 😁

Our boating water by aanside Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 9 months ago
I thought that folks might like to see one of the least used boating ponds in the UK. Located in Macduff, on the Moray Firth, we use the "A" listed Art Deco outdoor swimming pool at Tarlair. Two pools - the main one topped up by the sea every high tide and the boating pool which is topped up by seawater (and some fresh water runoff) whenever. I like to think we have some of the best views but it is sorely underused. Usual time for boating is Sunday at 1330, when the gates are unlocked and you can bring your car in, other times you are going to have to carry your boat 50m from the outside parking area. Everybody is welcome. Hopefully there will be a gala day in August when many more boats will be there, along with all the other razamataz of a Scottsh Gala Day - pipe bands, burger stalls etc. I have attached a couple of pictures, sorry about the few boats!

I want my workshop back! by aanside Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 9 months ago
The Joffre is the single screw version. Don't worrk about shipping from Scotland, I have spent years sending high value electronics by carriers and have only ever had a problem once and that is because the courier threw it (and was seen doing it!!)

I want my workshop back! by aanside Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 9 months ago
I already mentioned in another thread ("Any Clues") that three boats have been dumped in my workshop to see if I can find a buyer for any of them. 1) Caldercraft "Joffre" Tug, already built but in grave need of TLC with the propshaft tight and the rudder shaft too tight to move. The vessel is filthy dirty. 2) Billings "Le Pourquoi-pas", hull assembled with decks, remainder of kit & fittings look to be complete 3) Billings "Smit Nederland" Nr 528 - unstarted kit but does not have detail fittings I can post any of these boats and would appreciate a sensible offer for any of them - I do need the space to get on with my own work. Please PM me for any further information Regards Barry

Any clues? by aanside Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 9 months ago
"This is certainly NOThe the model of a Thames or Coastal barge hull" I had come to that conclusion. Researching typical twin masted vessels with that sort of beam (thereby ruling out most schooners) it could be a Brixham Trawler or some kind of ketch. One suggestion was a Moray Firth Scaffie but I need to go to one of the local museums to see if there is a model or a drawing. Interesting clue - the rudder post is carried above the deck. I guess half the fun is trying to see what I can make of it and then get it on the water.

Any clues? by aanside Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 9 months ago
The vessels mentioned in my last post have now been dumped in my workshop so they are available if anybody is interested. Le Pourquoi-pas has been started (hull & deck) looks as if most fittings are there but the workmanship leaves something to be desired. Joffre is in need of a lot of work - it is built but filthy dirty and needs a lot of work plus the prop shaft is on the edge of being seized and rudder shaft is so stiff I daren't move it The Smit Nederland kit is complete and untouched BUT does not have the detail fittings. If anybody is interested please contact me direct regards Barry

Any clues? by aanside Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 12 months ago
I am inclined to thinking it might be a barge. It is broad in girth (like me) and fairly short bow to stern but has a hole for a bowsprit. The guy it came from has gone the way of all good sailors (off to Thailand to find a wife 😁) but his other boats are a Joffre Tug and a Smit Nederland tug (plus Pourquoi Pas from Billings) - all to appear, apparently, on Fleabay. The hull I have is a fibreglass moulding so presumably comes from a commercial source but I doubt it is a "kit" like the others. Workmanship on the capping rail and deck is a bit ropey so it will need a lot of tlc. If I can find a suitable plan to give me some thoughts it will become the next on the stocks once my Battle Class destroyer is finished.

Any clues? by aanside Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 12 months ago
I have just been given the hull of a sailing vessel. It is broad in the beam, appears to have two masts (it has a massive sail winch inside) and the name "Mysteri" is hand written on two masts. Other than that I haven't a clue Any ideas?

Mast Lighting by aanside Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 4 years ago
Having searched In vain for clues how to hide the wiring for navigation lights Inside a mast I came up with a simple router jig to do the job (all my previous models were unlit). Basically very simple - hold the mast dowel rigid, rout a groove about 3mm wide and penetrating about 2mm beyond the centre line of the dowel and between the various lamp locations. I left an overhang at the base of the mast to allow for later handling when tapering the dowel and the dowel was left overlong so I didn't need to rout to the masthead. A second run with a 5mm (or so) cutter about 2mm deep gives a ledge to glue pieces of timber to close the slot. Once the timber Is planed down to the dowel It Is a simple matter to process the mast as normal. Wiring can then be fed down the mast and steps for the lights fitted to finish the work off. The photos show the process.