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26th Apr 2008
Last Online
7th May 2018
Pete D

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Registered 26th Apr 2008
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United Kingdom
Recent Posts
Stickers are on! by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 3 years ago
Hi Rex3644, yeh I posted the colour thing way back in time at the start of this site, again as there was quite a dispute going on way back then about the colours, I took the info off the Vosper Thornycroft drawing that I have and at the time working in the motor vehicle repair trade we had well over 7000 colours on list including the BS charts. Regards, Pete D.

wanted 40ghz receiver futaba by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 4 years ago
HI Guy's Been following this blog, if you require something decent and can splash a bit of cash, go for Multiplex, awesome kit, never had a failure, reliable, no problem with range and if you pick the digital kit no need for Xtal's, dial in what you want and it stays till you change, been running this make for over 20 years. Regards to you all, Pete D.

Build The Bismark Superstructure Parts by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 4 years ago
A friend/club member recently passed away and one of my fellow club members Is trying to complete a model bequeathed to him, there was a series 'Build The Bismark' as advertised on TV, my fellow club member Is trying to find anyone who has the complete superstructure parts ????? that he could borrow to copy or even purchase, all postage or costs will be covered. Anyone able to help will be greatly appreciated. Yours Pete D.

Aerokits Crash Tender by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 5 years ago
Hello Captain Colin, there has been many discussions on the paint for the old Fireboats, my good friend PM Devlin has given you as much Info as possible, I like Paul have copies of the original drawings sent too me by V/T and the Info given by Paul Is taken off these drawings and clearly stated the correct BS colours at the time, go with the flow. I have spoken to at least two ex crew members of these craft and on one occasion one of them was told by the skipper to repaint the mast, despatched to the stores and came back with the answer that they had no white paint to to do the required job, when asked what colour was available the reply was given "Brown", so at that point No 93 had a Brown mast, how long for I have no Idea, that Info was not given to me. Regards Pete D.

Vintage and classic boat weekend by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 5 years ago
HI Paul, just catching up on the website, regards your comment about with urgent funds, an old friend of mine once said to me when we were multI racing, "Model Boating Is a hole on the water Into which money Is poured" !, never a truer word was spoken I think. Got to have a word with my mate, you never know If we have not got anything planned we may try and get to Fleetwood ???????????

Aerokits 46" twin screw brushless conversion by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 5 years ago
HI P D, very nice of you to give me a breif mention In your blog, looks like a terrific job mate, HS93 would have been proud of you, the motor that was In It was either a Hectoperm (large motor) or Decaperm (smaller motor) you got the right price for It, I look forward to seeing the model In the flesh so to speak then I can critcise It forever (only joking Paul), look forward to seeing more of the blog. Regards as always, The other P D.

fire boat tow hook by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 5 years ago
HI Alan, Perhaps I could help you out, I have the VT works drawing of the tow hook, If you want to PM me some details to send you a copy I will as soon as I can get a copy printed for you, nornaly within 24 hrs. Regards Pete D. (Originator of the Fireboat Fundays)

Punctillio Models by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 6 years ago
HI Everyone, I dont know If any of you dealt with the above company (Punctillio Models, Hinkley, Leics) they were the main supplier for Multiplex radio gear In the UK, I only found out a few days ago they are closed and have ceased trading, their home page puts It down to lack of support and the current market climate, they had been operating for 41 years, so sad when a good company like them closes. It Is all down to us to support our UK model shops where ever possible, they need your support to keep In business, help keep them open, you cannot just Nip over to Hong Kong because you can save a couple of quid, what you going to do If your purchase packs up ???????, local shop could sort It, think on. Regards, Pete D.

Fireboat/Vintage Model Boat Day 2013 by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 6 years ago
Terrific news Gray, I just hope everyone gets behind It and makes a success of the event, I will be coming over to help out, look forward to yet another pint before then !!!! Regards Pete D.

Fireboat/Vintage Model Boat Funday 2013 by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 6 years ago
HI Everyone, Fireboat/Vintage modelboat Funday 2013, with great regret I Inform you all that I have decided to step down from organising this unique event, It has been a pleasure to have met and been Involved with so many of you over the past years, there are reasons behind my decision but not for reproduction here. Fear not, all Is not lost, an approach has been made to continue the event and this has my blessing, a lot of people do not want to see this event go away, watch this space for further details very shortly, please continue to support the event, you made It what It Is and so many people derive great pleasure from attending, Thank you all so much for your support, It really has been appreciated, I will still be around and attending the event when details are released, you saw It first here, the people who want to take on the event are well known to you, give them the support you gave me. Sincere Regards, Pete D.

RIP HS93 Peter Henshaw by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 6 years ago
I have learned of the sad passing of Peter Henshaw, he visited our Fireboat day a couple of years ago, I have read other comments on this site and I am sure many people will greatly miss his help and advice. thoughts are with his family at this sad time, RIP Peter.

Happy New Year!!! by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 6 years ago
HI Everyone, Just like to wish you all a Happy New Year, seems a while since I posted something on here although I have PM'd a few folks, hope all your new or restored work Is going well for the new year, keep your eyes peeled on this site for news on Fireboat/Vintage Model boat day 2013, details will be announced next month, should be Interesting! Regards, Pete D, Fireboat/Vintage MB day organiser

windows for 34" FIRE TENDER by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 6 years ago
A bit late In picking up on this, but I think DBNINJA on this site does them, or try Mike Mayhew at Waverley Models. Clevedon Nth Somerset. Regards Pete D.

International Model Boat Show by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 6 years ago
I've been to the International Model Boat show, a lot of Interesting stands, some very excellent model boats, enough to wet anyones appetite, a Big Congratulations to King Lear MBC for winning best club display stand, worthy winners with a well laid out stand and an excellent display of models, from vintage to modern. Great, From Pete D.

The real/original RAF crash fire tender by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 6 years ago
There Is much talk about colours on these old craft,some say Grey, others say Light Blue, and again White also comes Into play, These craft were only In service for between 5 and 6 years, during their time In service they underwent maintainance and modification, I have spoken to guys who served on them and on one occasion they had not got enough paint to repaint the mast white, so It got painted Brown, how many of you out there have ever seen one of these craft with a Brown mast?, also you will see that 93 had no breeches connector behind the main cabin, 94 did, most photo's avilable of 93 show no suction hoses on the aft well foam boxes, 94 did, look closely at the photo's and you will clearly see two different types of monitors fitted and In one photo you can clearly see one of each, for what Its worth my opinion Is Pick a date Pick a colour, I know what we painted ours as taken from V/T drawings. Best of luck, kind regards, Pete D.

fire boat by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 6 years ago
I can verify what Lyle has written, being fortunate to have visited him twice, the hospitality of these guys Down Under Is tremendous, the lake where they sail Is terrific, pity It's so far away to be able to visit on a regular basis, Lyle Is a very good modeller and between him and his mate Paul they can come up with a solution for anything, no matter wether It's Glow motor, Deisel, or steamthese guys have a tremendous knowledge, any advice given should be read and learned from, walk Into Lyle@s workshop and Its like stepping back In time, some of his models and engines are well woth seeing If you want to know how things were all those years ago, and the best part Is they all still run superbly as I know having thrashed his 46" Fireboat for him. Regards Pete D, compatriot to a Super Colonial.

Paint for Fireboat Restoration by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 6 years ago
HI Dave, Very slight error the superb layout Is of P Devlins boat, not mine, wish It was, have to talk nicely to him or mug him next time he comes to Burton,He He He. Thanks for the comment, Pete D.

Fireboat/Vintage Model Boat Day 2012 by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 6 years ago
Thanks Dave, Very sorry you missed the event, like many others,other events always seem to come In batches around the same period throughout the year and deciding where to go Is always a problem, the weather was superb for us yet again and an excellent turnout of superb models made a great day for all. May have to move the date for next year as something else may crop up at the club, watch this space. Regards again to all who made It. Pete D.

Fireboat/Vintage Model Boat Day 2012 by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 6 years ago
Well Everyone, Fireboat/Vintage Model boat day has come and gone, I would like to say a big thank you to all who made the effort to come and visit us again, some more new faces, different models, and of course the Old Faithful supporters, I did enjoy watching and scoring the steering competition event, I told you It was something different and would need you to look at the course plan and work out what way round to sail to gain maximum points, one competitor stood out at having It sorted and finally got a well deserved win (not a fluke one eh Stephen) the result being a convincing slaughter this time, 3rd place Peter Ellis 95 points, 2nd and very well done In the conditions Graham Taylor with 107 points and way ahead of the field Stephen Ellis, with nearly 80 points lead on 186 points,Very Well Done mate you deserved It, (where's Is the photo of the winning medal)?. We also had a medal for the best boat on show, this was a resounding win and so well deserved with a superb Fireboat by Alan Jones, admired by many, we had plenty of boats running on the water a couple of nice Sea Queens, a large scale model of a Huntsman with twin Honda 4 stroke engines, this one Is from the King Lear MBC, It also sounds splendid when running, Mike Beesley also putting a 4 stroke motor In his model another that sounds superb when running. A very big thank you all once again and thanks to my own few members who turned up, John and Glenys Gregory and Mick Knowles, nice to see some support for home events. Regards Pete D.

Paint for Fireboat Restoration by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 6 years ago
HI All, Yet again the colour scheme for the Fireboats goes on, despite all the advise given, my V/T Information gives the colour that I have Indicated and a further word of caution to anyone restoring and repainting any old craft, Do Not Use Cellulose on wood, after 40 years In the Motor Repair and refinishing trade be assured you are asking for trouble, Cellulose paint dry's hard no question of that, any Acryllic paint when dry always seems to stay semI flexible hence you get better durability, but do not allow the wood to get wet, remember wood expands when It gets wet and contracts when It gets to dry out so you are always going to get flexing as will also happen If the model gets hot. In my years In the motor trade I had access to loads of products not know to most modellers that would benefit their efforts but the costs for small required amounts would be prohibitive to be cost effective, I could ask my paint guys to mix an extra 1 or 2 10ths for my purposes without bother. Good Luck to all of you, keep the work going. Regards Pete D.

Paint for Fireboat Restoration by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 6 years ago
HI Graham, The true colours as listed on Vosper Thornycroft drawings are shown as BS631 Grey gloss for cabin sides, BS631 Grey non slip deck coating, the rest I cannont make out now as the drawing Is faded but It Is White cabin tops, AntI fouling red below water line with a white water line, most places that do paint mixes now should be able to mix the paint for you, the non slip deck coating might be your problem, but you could easily get away with matt on the deck of a 34 Inch. Regards Pete D.

Fireboat/Vintage Model Boat Day 2012 by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 6 years ago
Dear Gabby, We look forward to seeing you on the day, repaired or not bring It along, some people like to see how these oldie's are standing up to time, we do not need every boat to look as though It has just come out of the works so to speak, anything thats 50 years old will show signs of ageing, just look at some of the owners that turn up! or perhaps I should not have said that? Oh sod It I did anyway. Look forward to your company on sunday. Pete D. Organiser FFD/VMB

Fireboat/Vintage Model Boat Day 2012 by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 7 years ago
HI Everyone, Just to remind you all that we are only a couple of weeks away from our event, we have a bit of weed In the sailing area but this will be sorted before the event. I have set a steering comp course for you to have a go at, being Olympic year were calling It The Aquathon Event?, medals for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, please enter Into the fun of the event and have a go, there will be 2 rounds each of 4 minutes duration, I'm not telling you anymore than that. Hope we get a good turn out, see you on the 9th. Regards, Pete D.

46'' Vintage RAF Crash Tender Re-do. by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 7 years ago
HI Stonemonkey, Lyle has given you some sound advice, I know as I paid him a suprise visit a while back and he kindly let me run his 46inch Fireboat, but after seeing me run It once he may well have thought twice about letting me run It again, the boat does perform well with a smaller than normal IC engine It Is no slouch, his Black Marauder also performs excellently as we saw on a recnt visit to the colonies when we paid him a return visit. Regards Pete D.

Stickers are on! by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 7 years ago
HI Guys, If you want to be spot on with your colour for the cabin sides and deck then BS631 Is what you need, I know as I have the Info on a Vosper Thornycroft works drawing and have posted this Info many times on this site, hope It helps even though you have painted the relevant parts. Gloss BS631 was used on cabin sides and BS631 AntI slip deck coating should be self explanitory. Regards, Pete D.

crash tender by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 7 years ago
HI Guy's, way back In Nineteen Hundred and a long while ago, when we restored our Fireboat, we came across a similar problem with nets, then suddenly had a brainstorm, I dont know If you guys are old enough to remember the old open weave Dishcloths, we bought one cut It to size, gave It a quick coating of Light Oak woodstain which left It looking like hemp, very effective looking when rolled up. Yours, Pete D.

Chasewater Transport Festival by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 7 years ago
Regret we cannot make It due to a BMPRS event at Branston Water Park, good luck to you all on the day, hope you all have an excellent event. Pete D.

Fireboat/Vintage Model Boat Day 2012 by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 7 years ago
HI Everyone, Well I seemed to have stirred up a few things by trying to reinvent the Fireboat Funday, well let me first say the reason I considered the change was from observations of others and comments made Ie; "there are getting to be far more 'OTHER' models than Fireboats", now I do not control who brings what, as the Original Idea was to get the old Fireboats together as well as other models from the Aerokits/Keilcraft/Lesro range, please do not lets detract from the second part of the theme FUNDAY!!!! do I make this clear?, Define a VINTAGE model?, NO, anything that Is as 'Old' as most of us that bring them along and sail them, but being serious anything from the era of these great Old Models Is fine. Ah!, a call that the launch area Is cramped, well please may I add that there Is at least 150 yards of launching space to the left of where we normally sail from, "how much room do you need to launch a small model"?, and those that manage to turn up regularly have never voiced a complaint, If anyone has a complaint then speak up please, I wont launch you Into the lake for helping try to Improve the event, If everyone Is getting fed up with It I can always cancel It as I have plenty of other Interests to occupy my time, I did the event to try to get like minded people with a similar Interest together for a FUNDAY. If You Dont like It It's your call. Have a nice day, Pete D.

Fireboat/Vintage Model Boat Day 2012 by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 7 years ago
HI Everyone, Pete D F/boat F/day organiser, due to the recent years trend In models coming to the annual event, It has been suggested and decided that we rename the event Fireboat/Vintage Model Boat Day, this may bring a few more models along for everyone to see and chat about, this will not (I hope) detract from the original theme for the event. Regards Pete D.

CHRISTMAS 2011 by Pete D Lieutenant   Posted: 7 years ago
HI Everyone, Pete D Fireboat Funday Organiser, May I wish you all the very best for Christmas and New Year. Now I need some help! a very good friend has asked If I can get a copy of the plans and frame drawings for the Aerokits Fast Patrol Torpedo Boat ???????, we had one on display at our F/Funday a couple of years ago and I cannot remember who brought It along ?, any help would be most appreciated and as I will be visiting the Colonies again In February, to obtain a copy would be a most welcome gift to my host, I will not even mention ever again that he gets his Prayer Mat out for us each time we have the F/F/D, If you can help, then I will keep my promise ?. He Is a wonderful person and a very good modeller, this would be an absolute momentous gift for me to send or take to him, (I am also known to Lie) Regards, Pete D.