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    HMS Cruiser. 1/64 scale 18 gun brig of war
    by cormorant πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ ( Lieutenant)

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    πŸ“ First Planking
    18 hours ago by cormorant ( Lieutenant)
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    I thought the first planking would be a tester for me and I was right. My main problem is getting the planks around the bow to stick flat to the bulkheads as you can see from the photo. However, having seen first planking on other blogs, before and after fettling, I feel I am not doing too badly.
    On the premise that bits can be glued in and then sanded back and the very comforting comment by Nonsuch, that this is only a dress rehearsal for the second planking, I am feeling quietly confident.
    I decided to follow the kit instructions and plank from top to bottom. Soaking in warm water aids bending and when tapering the knife blade is less likely to follow the grain of the wood.

    As I am writing this log, I have the hull next to me and I think I have found why the planks are not lying flat on the bulkheads.
    I did not start tapering the first planks soon enough! I am sure you experienced builders will put me right. Once again, a lesson learned for the second planking perhaps?

    I am only fixing two planks per day at the moment, one port and one starboard. This allows me to use modified foldback clips and only brass tack at the bow and stern.Yes, it will take time, but I'm in no rush.
    In the meantime I have started to build some of the deck fittings.

    Next instalment on completion of first planking, which will hopefully be 'alright on the night'.
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    πŸ’¬ Re: First Planking
    9 hours ago by cormorant ( Lieutenant)
    No, just soaked them for about an hour. They become very flexible, but I'm now pretty certain that the problem around the bow is my own fault for not tapering them soon enough after the first planks.
    I've just put two more on since writing, paying more attention to the taper, and they seem to be laying better.
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    πŸ’¬ Re: First Planking
    13 hours ago by jacko ( Sub-Lieutenant)
    did you steam the planks first
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    πŸ“ HMS Cruiser. 1/64 scale 18 gun brig of war
    15 days ago by cormorant ( Lieutenant)
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    Having been thoroughly disappointed, almost disgusted, with the overpriced Deans Marine warship kits (of which I have built two), I decided upon a change of tack.
    I have already built Caldercraft's tug, Resolve, and impressed with the quality of the kit and the opportunity to learn new skills, I decided to have a go at a plank on bulkhead model.
    I chose Cruiser because she is aimed at beginner/intermediate and also, to me, pleasing to the eye.
    Once again, the kit is made up of very good quality materials, with all the wooden structure parts CNC cut, the wooden fittings nicely detailed and the cannons made of turned brass.
    The instruction manual is adequate, but there are seven sheets of full sized plans.
    I am in the process of building the basic hull, the easy bit. The wooden parts have been accurately cut and require very little fettling.
    However, the first skill I have to practice is bevelling, the stern bulkhead to enable the deck to fit flush, but mainly the bulkheads to enable the planks to fit flush.
    My main concern was, and still is, planking the hull. M B Website member Nonsuch has been of great help with this and plank bending, but more of that later.
    So far , so good.
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    πŸ’¬ Re: HMS Cruiser. 1/64 scale 18 gun brig of war
    8 days ago by cormorant ( Lieutenant)
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    Thanks Martin. I have already picked this one up and found it to be of great assistance.
    I am making steady progress but have already learned two valuable lessons.
    1. Despite the fact that the parts appear to have been accurately cut, I need to take more time in preparation and dry fitting before applying the glue. This became apparent when I decided to glue the false deck onto the bulkheads. I should have sanded the knees on the bulkheads and the slots in the false deck more accurately.
    2. The equivalent of 'measure twice, cut once'. I am embarrassed to admit, but I attempted to fit the first gunport bulwark the wrong way round, i.e. the front bit at the back and the back bit at the front !
    This involved bevelling and cutting the wrong end to the 'correct' angle to fit at the bow. Luckily I noticed my mistake before glueing and only had to fit a small wedge into the back end where the bulwark joins the transom..
    I put this bo**ock down to my age (again)!

    The next job on the build was to bevel the bulkheads to allow the planks to fit flat on them. Quite a time consuming task. I found that moving a plank down the bulkheads and sanding or filing each one and moving down about an inch at a time was the best way.
    I then needed to bend and fit the gunport bulwarks.
    Having researched various methods of bending the wood, I decided to follow the instructions which suggested soaking in warm water for an hour or so. Having done this I dry fitted and clamped them to the bulkheads, leaving overnight. (picture 3)
    This worked very satisfactorily (picture 1) and they are now glued in place, including the wedge mentioned above! (picture 2).
    I have dry fitted the pre-formed bulwark capping strips and I seem to have got the shape and curve of the bulwarks pretty well.

    Next job is the first planking of the hull, so if I haven't bored you too much with my ramblings, please stay tuned.
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    πŸ’¬ Re: HMS Cruiser. 1/64 scale 18 gun brig of war
    15 days ago by Martin555 ( Fleet Admiral)
    This utube video might help you.


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